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eduJUMP! は、子どもたちが世界のどこでも誰とでも、共に生きていき、夢を実現できるような教育を紹介するメディアとして設立されました。保護者・子ども自身・教育関係者の3者を対象に、子どもたちの未来を拓くために有用と思える情報を、当ウェブメディアやイベントを通じて提供します。

eduJUMP! を通じ、子どもたちの未来が、少しでも良い方向に"JUMP!することに寄与できれば幸いです。

We established eduJUMP! as an education media platform with the aim of helping students excel in their studies anywhere in the world to live with one another and achieve their dreams. Through our website and events, we will provide useful information in hopes of opening up childrens’ future opportunities for parents, children themselves, and educators.

We hope we can motivate students to "JUMP! towards their future success, in the best way possible.

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eduJUMP!2代目編集長 高橋 香織
Our editorial team is committed to exploring and presenting new educational models that enable children to adapt to the information revolution and the AI era, and thrive on a global stage. We focus particularly on education that broadens horizons, such as international schools, boarding schools, study abroad programs, and English learning.

Unbound by the emphasis on academic performance, we provide a diverse range of educational options for our readers, who are school officials, parents, and children themselves. Our mission is to support them in selecting an education that best suits them and fully unlocks their potential.

We always aim to jump into new possibilities, constantly keeping the future of education in mind. Together, let's explore the potential of education that takes a global perspective and is geared towards the future of our children. We hope to walk this path of new education with you as your partner.

Editor in Chief, KAORI TAKAHASHI

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