Educational Articles on eduJUMP!

  • 国際教育(国際バカロレア・ケンブリッジ国際)
  • バイリンガル教育(単なる英語教育に留まらない、バイリンガルを目指した取り組み)
  • デジタルを活用した教育(教室でのデジタル活用、オンライン教育、教室・オンラインのブレンド型)
  • 世界の教育トレンド
  • 日本国内における、新しい教育や学校の取り組み紹介

ライターは、各分野の専門家によるものだけではありません。教育に興味のある学生ライターが、当事者の声として記事にするものも含まれます。 eduJUMP!は、日本語だけでなく、英語・中国語でも教育情報を世界に伝えていきます。英語・中国語の記事では、日本での新しい教育の取組を世界に向けて積極的に発信していきます。 また執筆された記事を整理集約した、リサーチペーパーを年に一度発行し、イベントも含めた提言活動を行います。
メディアを追加ビジュアルテキスト There are already many useful educational media in Japan. eduJUMP! will focus and introduce areas/categories that are not covered by other educational media. We specialize in the follow areas:
  • International education (International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International)
  • Bilingual education (Not only simple English education, but educational efforts aimed to nurture bilinguals)
  • Digital learning (Digital utilization in classes, Online education, Hybrid style education - in-person classes and online)
  • Educational trends around the world
  • New educational methods or schoolings in Japan
Our writers are not limited to experts in each field, but also consists of student writers interested in education, providing real and current insights about the educational world. In addition to Japanese, eduJUMP! will also provide articles in English and Chinese, in order to send out our message to the world. In articles in English and Chinese, we will actively send out and promote Japan’s new educational efforts to the rest of the world. We will also publish a research paper that organizes and aggregates our articles once a year, as well as to promote articles and papers through hosting events.


Events for Parents and Students, Matching Parents and Students with Educational Institutions




International Education Expo (twice a year)

We will host the “International Education Expo” with the aim of matching parents and students with schools that engage in new initiatives, through onsite or online methods. We plan to hold this event twice a year. 

School Directory on eduJUMP!

We created Japan’s first school directory that holds almost 800 international schools and schools that engage in new initiatives located all over Japan.


Events/Conferences for Educators





  • International early years education
  • International Curriculum
  • Technology-enhanced education
  • School development planning and practice
  • Online instructional design
International Education Conference (twice a year)

We will hold conferences and workshops to deepen our understanding of international and innovative education. We plan to hold these events twice a year. 

International Education Training (as needed)

Educators can learn from experts about new and innovative education.
Example of themes:
  • International early years education
  • International Curriculum
  • Technology-enhanced education
  • School development planning and practice
  • Online instructional design


Advisory and Support for Educational Institutions



eduJUMP! is operated by a network of partners with practical management experiences in fields such as international schools, digital education, early childhood / nursery education, overseas education research, school management, and more.

eduJUMP! will not only introduce new educational initiatives through our media, but also support schools and educational institutions in a much closer distance. In the past, we have received light and relaxed consultations from various schools and educational institutions about introducing a new curriculum or supporting and providing advice relating to their school management. Though it depends on the field of your inquiry, we believe that we can provide practical and strategic support that is not theoretical. Please feel free to contact us through our email address below.



Management Organization

名称: 一般社団法人 センターフォーイノベーション The Center For Innovation

所在地: 179-0072 東京都練馬区光が丘7-5-1

Name: The Center For Innovation

Location: 7-5-1 Hikarigaoka, Nerima City, Tokyo 179-0072