Universities Options in Japan

Options in Japan 

In Japan, some universities offer programs in English that accept direct application with A Level results. The following list provides a brief introduction on some of those universities excerpted from the CIE website and universities’ homepages. For the latest information, please refer to the information provided by each university directly.

Hosei University 法政大学

The following English-based undergraduate programs accept the certificate of Cambridge International A-Level results for applications.

 ・The Global Business Program, Faculty of Business Administration

 ・The Sustainability Co-creation Programme, Faculty of Sustainability Studies

 ・Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences, Faculty of Economics

 ・Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS)

A-Level requirements depend on the program:

 ・Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) – Applicants must have passed GCE Advanced Level 3 subjects OR GCE Advanced Level two subjects AND GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level two subjects (total of four subjects)

 ・Global Business Program (GBP) – Have passed (a) GCE Advanced Level three subjects OR (b) GCE Advanced Level two subjects and GCE Advanced Subsidiary Level two subjects (total of four subjects)

 ・Sustainability Co-creation Programme (SCOPE) – Applicants must have passed GCE Advanced Level 1subject

 ・Institute for Global Economics and Social Sciences (IGESS) – Applicants must have passed GCE Advanced Level three subjects OR GCE Advanced Level two subjects AND GCE Advanced Subsidiary (AS) Level two subjects (total of four subjects)

International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA), Yamanashi Gakuin University 山梨学院大学

The International College of Liberal Arts (iCLA) welcomes international and Japanese students with the Cambridge A-Level certificate. Cambridge International A Level is accepted as equivalent to UK A Level on a grade-for-grade basis.

Typical entry requirements are:

1. At least one A-Level subject and two AS Level subjects

2. At least two A-Level subjects

Applications are assessed based on a comprehensive review of academic achievements, extracurricular activities, statements of purpose, as well as an interview.

International Christian University  国際基督教大学

The curriculum consists of college-wide and specialized courses. College-wide courses are for language study, general education courses and physical education. Having built a firm academic foundation with their general education courses, students narrow down their interests by choosing a major from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences by the end of their sophomore year. Students can select from over 30 majors and design their corresponding educational experiences in any of the following patterns.

Kyoto University 京都大学 

International Course Program in Global Engineering (Civil Engineering) accepts applications will be considered from non-Japanese students holding Cambridge International A Levels in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as an alternative to taking the Examination for Japanese Universities. 

Meiji University 明治大学

Students will be able to take entrance examinations and obtain a degree in English in the School of Global Japanese Studies.

Nagoya University 名古屋大学

Nagoya University welcomes students with Cambridge International A Levels which are accepted as equivalent to UK A Level on a grade-for-grade basis. English-based programs offered include:

 ・Automotive Engineering



 ・Biological Science

 ・Social Sciences

 ・Japan-in-Asia Cultural Studies

In addition, students who have taken one of the following subjects will be exempted from submitting additional English standardized test scores:

 ・ IGCSE English First Language (grade C or above) or English Second Language (grade B or above)

 ・GCE AS or A-Level English (grade E or above)

There is no minimum number of A Level subjects required, but 3 A-Level subjects are highly preferred

Osaka University 大阪大学

Osaka University welcomes students with Cambridge International A Levels for admission to the Human Sciences International Undergraduate Degree Program and the Chemistry-Biology Combined Major Program.

Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University 立命館アジア太平洋大学

Cambridge International A-Levels and AS-Levels are accepted as standardized examinations by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University. 

Students will choose between two undergraduate majors – Asia Pacific Studies (APS) and International Management (APM) – and study under the tutelage of highly experienced faculty from twenty-four countries/regions. Most courses are available in both English and Japanese.

Applicants must submit at least:

 ・2 different A-Levels courses,

 ・2 AS-Level courses in lieu of 1 A-Level course or, 4 AS-Level courses in lieu of 2 A-Level courses.

Ritsumeikan University 立命館大学

Ritsumeikan University offers the following undergraduate degree programs delivered entirely in English.

 ・Global Studies Major (GS Major)

 ・American University – Ritsumeikan University Joint Degree Program (JD Program)

 ・Community and Regional Policy Studies Major (CRPS Major)

 ・Information Systems Science and Engineering Course (ISSE Course)

 ・College of Global Liberal Arts (GLA)

Students must meet each program’s English Language Requirement at the time of application. 

* For certain programs, applicants can meet the English language requirement by presenting the Cambridge International A-Level results above certain grade levels.

Sophia University 上智大学

Sophia University welcomes students with Cambridge International A Levels. English-based undergraduate programs include:

 ・Bachelor’s program in Liberal Arts

 ・Science and Technology

 ・Sophia Program for Sustainable Futures

Applicants can submit predicted grades if their final grades have not been issued by the application deadline.

Temple University, Japan Campus テンプル大学ジャパンキャンパス

Temple University Japan Campus welcomes candidates using Cambridge International qualifications both domestically and overseas. Temple University awards up to 8 college credits to students who participated in A-Level exams during secondary school and up to 4 college credits to students who participated in AS-Level exams. 

Majors available:


 ・Asian Studies

 ・Communication Studies


 ・General Studies

 ・International Affairs

 ・International Business Studies

 ・Japanese Language

 ・Psychological Studies

Doshisha University 同志社大学

 ・Political Science

The Institute for the Liberal Arts accepts official A-level results or official predicted A-level scores as university entrance qualification.

The University of Tokyo 東京大学

PEAK, Programs in English at Komaba, welcomes people who aspire to be young leaders with extensive knowledge in various fields as well as communication and problem-solving skills. PEAK is a Bachelor of Liberal Arts program based on the traditional liberal arts curriculum treasured by the University.


Tohoku University 東北大学

Tohoku University’s Future Global Leadership (FGL) program offers 3 undergraduate degree courses taught completely in English. 

For Advanced Molecular Chemistry (AMC) and International Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (IMAC-U) courses, A-Levels in Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics are required. 

For the Applied Marine Biology (AMB) course, A-Levels in Mathematics and any two from Chemistry, Physics, and Biology are required. A TOEFL or IELTS certificate may also be required.

Note that applicants must not be a Japanese citizen nor hold a permanent residence permit in Japan.

Tokyo International University 東京国際大学

Tokyo International University’s English Track Program accepts Cambridge International A-Level results as one of the standardized tests required for the application.

Majors available:

 ・BA in Business Economics

 ・BS in Digital Business & Innovation

 ・BA in International Relations

Waseda University 早稲田大学

English-based program are offered at the following schools:

 ・School of Political Science and Economics

 ・School of Social Sciences Transnational and Interdisciplinary Studies in Social Innovation (TAISI)

 ・School of International Liberal Studies (SILS)

 ・School of Culture, Media and Society Global Studies in Japanese Cultures Program (JCulP)

 ・School of Fundamental Science and Engineering

 ・School of Creative Science and Engineering

 ・School of Advanced Science and Engineering

Yokohama National University  横浜国立大学

YOKOHAMA Creative-City Studies (YCCS) Program is offered in English.

The Yokohama Creative-City Studies (YCCS) Program is seeking students aspiring to be pioneers in creating a new “urban studies” together with a highly diverse cohort hailing from across the world. Students will gain the ability to understand and communicate across cultures in addition to practical ICT and presentation skills. Students will major in one of three fields: Urban Cultural Creation, Urban Social Management, and Urban Creative Technologies. With the skills and knowledge gained in this program, students are expected to become innovative young leaders and facilitators with specialized knowledge on the global stage.

Universities Around the World That Recognize CIE

(As of February 2020)

United StatesA-levels: 711 UniversitiesIGCSE: 162 Universities 
United KingdomA-levels: 148 UniversitiesIGCSE: 5 Universities 
AustraliaA-levels: 54 UniversitiesIGCSE: 13 Universities 
New ZealandA-levels: 8 UniversitiesIGCSE: 8 Universities 
GermanyA-levels: 25 UniversitiesIGCSE: 32 Universities 
Hong KongA-levels: 9 UniversitiesIGCSE: 3 Universities 
South KoreaA-levels: 3 Universities

PhilippinesA-levels: 7 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University 

SingaporeA-levels: 18 UniversitiesIGCSE: 14 Universities 
FranceA-levels: 5 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University
SpainA-levels: 6 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities
DenmarkA-levels: 6 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities
ChinaA-levels: 12 UniversitiesIGCSE: 2 Universities
CanadaA-levels: 57 UniversitiesIGCSE: 51 Universities
NetherlandsA-levels: 25 UniversitiesIGCSE: 23 Universities
UAEA-levels: 20 UniversitiesIGCSE: 15 Universities

FinlandA-levels: 2 UniversitiesIGCSE: 1 University
IrelandA-levels: 24 UniversitiesIGCSE: 7 Universities
ThailandA-levels: 9 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities
ItalyA-levels: 7 UniversitiesIGCSE: 4 Universities
VietnamA-levels: 13 Universities

GreeceA-levels: 1 University

And many More


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