Learn through a Diverse Living Environment

Learn through a Diverse Living Environment


SHIMOKITA COLLEGE is a much talked-about facility in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo, where redevelopment is underway. It was established in 2020 as a residential college where a rich diversity of high school students, university students, and young professionals can live together, learn from each other, and create new educational values in their daily lives. We interviewed Mr. Shuta Takada, Director of HLAB,Inc., which operates the facility and creates a learning environment, about this new form of education that combines a school dormitory with liberal arts learning.

Mr TAKADAShuta Takada, Director and COO, HLAB
Graduated from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering and the Graduate School of Engineering. He was a student researcher at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In 2011, while a student, he co-founded HLAB with Ryosuke Kobayashi (Representative Director). He was involved in the launch of the summer school program. After completing his graduate studies, he worked at Boston Consulting Group as a consultant and helped develop business strategies related to telecommunications, digital, and big data. With experience in both nonprofit and corporate organizations, he returned to HLAB in 2017; he assumed his current position in 2019.

Inspired by a student dormitory at Harvard University

-What kind of company is HLAB?
HLAB is “where people from different walks of life inspire, learn, and co-create from their differences.” We design communities to realize such a society. Specifically, HLAB provides opportunities for students and young people from various backgrounds to encounter diverse ideas, become aware of their differences, and inspire each other as familiar role models while living in a dormitory and pursuing a wide range of liberal arts studies.

The starting point of the program is a dormitory at Harvard University where Ryosuke Kobayashi, the president and founding member of the program, experienced. While at Harvard, he spent time in a unique environment where he was surrounded by diverse people and the only Japanese student in his grade, and it was because of this unique environment that he experienced diversity and stimulating learning. After returning to Japan, he decided to start HLAB with friends to “reproduce this learning experience in Japan.”

SHIMOKITA COLLEGE: Newly opened residential college in Shimokitazawa, an area undergoing rapid development.

-Mr. Takada, how did you join HLAB?
I entered the University of Tokyo from Kaisei High School. After entering university, I became aware of the problems with career paths and career choices that seemed to be going with the flow. Some students said that they were walking the path paved by their parents and teachers. Some students were told to aim for Tokyo University or local national university for “good education”. When students wanted to consider their career paths or know other career choices, they were told that there was not enough information or opportunities.   I often heard this after entering college.

If career choices are heavily influenced by those around you, spending time with a diverse group of people will help you learn more about your options and make proactive choices. I wished I had spent my younger years living in a dormitory, an environment that fosters high-density and open communication with others. Living in such environment would help ”break down” the preconceived notions that each of us has about each other. That’s why I started the HLAB project with friends

Lounge: The large glass wall and atrium create an open atmosphere. A free space to eat dinner or work with a cup of coffee in hand.

The “unknown world” that can be seen by living in the SHIMOKITA COLLEGE

When HLAB launched in 2011, our goal was to replicate a “liberal arts education through  dormitory (college) life,” and we began a summer school. The summer school is a week-long residential program for high school students. Students gather with peers who are close in age and circumstance, but have completely different ideas and are capable of showing  each other a world they do not know, as they transcend borders, regions, and generations, while living together. The summer school program is truly a life-changing experience, filled with moments and lessons that bring the unknown world closer to students. When the program started, it was held only in Tokyo with Harvard students, but it is now held in  four locations: Tokyo, Obuse-machi in Nagano Prefecture, Onagawa-machi in Miyagi Prefecture, and Gunma Prefecture. College students are from all over the world. To this day, a total of more than 3,000 high school and university students have participated.

In the winter of 2020, HLAB started our first residential college in the heart of Tokyo, together with UDS and Odakyu Railway. SHIMOKITA COLLEGE opened as a residential college where students can live and learn together. Shifting the focus of learning from a short-term summer school program, SHIMOKITA COLLEGE offered a longer program, living and learning under the same roof.

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