Will Shiba, Minato-ku Become a Mecca for STEAM Education?

Will Shiba, Minato-ku Become a Mecca for STEAM Education?

Exclusive coverage of the hottest Shiba KOKUSAI and Laurus collaboration frontline!

Shiba, Minato-ku is home to NEC and other IT and programming companies.

Across from the NEC headquarters, a new school building is under construction that will become Shiba KOKUSAI Junior & Senior High School and Laurus International School of Science. Shiba KOKUSAI Junior & Senior High School and Laurus International School of Science, the largest international school group in the Kanto area, will open in Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo. Here is a report from the construction site.

Photo: eduJUMP!

Modern, open, museum-like campus

On the day the editorial staff went to cover the event, students in the highest grade of Laurus (G6: in their transitional period to the first grade of the middle school) were given a campus tour as part of their classes. The Laurus G6 class, Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Principal Mr. Kawazoe, and the eduJUMP! the editorial staff all took the elevator up to the roof first.

●A construction elevator takes you all the way up to the roof.
●Rendering of the campus as seen from above. Safety netting will be installed to prevent balls from flying off the tennis courts.

The top 11 and 12 floors, where the group first headed, will become a gymnasium, dance hall, music room, and rooftop tennis court in the future.

Below that, floors 7 through 10 will house the Laurus International School of Science. According to the Laurus principal, each floor has a theme: Ocean on the 7th floor, Planet Earth on the 8th floor, Singularity on the 9th floor, and Ad Astra on the 10th floor.

Each floor is in the process of being meticulously designed and detailed by Laurus STEAM instructors and staff, who are not only designing each floor according to theme, but also choosing designs for science rooms, makerspace, life library, art room, presentation room, and even the furniture and equipment. It is amazing to see the exhibits, flora and fauna, and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment that are being imported from all over the country and the world to attract the students’ interest.

●The open gymnasium area on the 11th floor. On the way down from the rooftop to the 11th floor, a dance and exercise floor has been created.
●Commemorative photo with Tokyo Joshi Gakuen Principal Mr. Kawazoe, Laurus teachers and staff, G6 students, and eduJUMP! chief editor

Mrs. Hioki, the head of Laurus International School of Science told us, “Our campus’s goal is to be an amusement park of learning. We want to turn the entire school building into a hands-on museum, lab, and presentation space.

The ultimate goal is to make Shiba, Minato-ku a mecca for STEAM education by creating many places and mechanisms on each floor where students can experience, experiment, create, and present the latest technology.

●Above is an image of the interior of the campus as envisioned by Mrs.Hioki, the head of Laurus International school of Science
●Current perspective of the floor that will house the lower grade’s regular classrooms at Laurus Primary school. The floor theme is Ocean, with the possibility of a life-size whale shark print on the floor, wave projection mapping on the floor, and a coral reef aquarium.
●This is the current perspective of the floor that will house the upper grade classrooms of Laurus Primary School. The floor theme is Planet Earth, and the reception area will be decorated with plants, a symbolic tree, and a variety of plants and animals imported from around the world.

The group walked from the top floor past the Laurus floor to the Shiba KOKUSAI Junior and Senior High School floor. 6F has a Japanese-style room called Seika-an, where students can learn about Japanese culture and have a relaxing time. Also on the same floor was a place that was supposed to be a multipurpose hall.

And while the fourth to fifth floors are regular classrooms, there is also an open space on the fourth floor where students can do individual and group work. I was impressed by the luxurious arrangement of the open space and multipurpose hall.

●4th floor image: Media Center where students can do group work and presentations
●First and second floor images: Connection from the entrance to the library. The grand staircase in the atrium is symbolic.

Passing through the third floor where faculty offices and multipurpose rooms are located, the first two floors are an open space with a grand stairwell, a large library, and a glass-walled lounge. The floor looks as if you are in Colombia University. Students may sit on the grand staircase and immerse themselves in reading, discuss their current projects in the lounge, or study for a test at a table by the window.

Furthermore, there will be a café in the garden in front of the main entrance on the first floor, which will be open to the community. The concept will be a “Japanese x Asian café,” a stylish café that will be beautiful to look at, nutritious, and prepared by a top chef.

The students of Shiba KOKUSAI and Laurus will even have their lunches catered by this café, which sounds very extravagant!

●The concept is a Japanese + Asian café (planned), and the café will be open to the community. Shiba KOKUSAI and Laurus students will be able to have lunch catered from this cafe.

The Floor guide of Shiba KOKUSAI Campus

We have briefly introduced the current state of each floor, starting from the rooftop to the ground floor, but the interior of the Shiba KOKUSAI Junior & Senior High School campus is divided into the following areas.

Floor Guide

[1st – 2nd floor] Media Center, Lounge, Multipurpose Hall, Special Classrooms

<Shiba KOKUSAI junior & senior high school>

[3rd Floor] Teachers’ rooms, special classrooms

[4th – 5th Floors] Regular classrooms

[6th floor]  Regular classrooms, Seiko-an (Japanese-style room), Multipurpose hall

<Laurus International School of Science>

[7th Floor] (Floor theme: Ocean) Regular classrooms,  Science room, Art room, Makerspace

[8th Floor] (Floor theme: Planet Earth) Regular classrooms, Science Room, Life Library

[9th floor] (floor theme: Singularity) Regular classrooms, Science Room, Art Room, Makerspace, Singularity Room

[10th floor] (floor theme: Ad Astra / Space) Regular classrooms,  staff room, multipurpose room, Ad Astra room

[11th – 12th Floors] Gymnasium, Dance Hall, Music Room, Rooftop Tennis Court

Editor’s Summary

In this issue, we asked about the latest developments in the much-discussed construction of the Shiba KOKUSAI and Laurus campuses. The campuses alone may be a hot topic, but in the next issue we will cover the curriculum and school life at each school, as well as how students will be able to learn for the future.

Keep your eyes peeled for both schools opening in Shiba, Minato-ku in April 2023!


Location:Shiba4-1-30, Minato-ku, Tokyo (Construction to be completed in November 2022)

  • Laurus International School of Science

  • Tokyo Joshi Gakuen (Shiba KOKUSAI Junior & Senior High School from April 2023)

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eduJUMP! 編集部
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