Would you like to work in educational media?

The editorial department of ieNEXT, the next generation educational media, has relaunched its first issue in July 2021 as the educational media eduJUMP!

The editorial department of eduJUMP! is looking for interns to work in the editorial department of the educational media, including student writers, web programmers, and video shooting and distribution.

is looking for a few student writers and administrative staff to cover and write about various new educational topics.

What is the new edition of eduJUMP!

eduJUMP! is a media that introduces educational initiatives that are being implemented in Japan and around the world.

Through articles and events, we hope to inspire people to think about the future of education and to “JUMP” Japanese education.

We believe that this will be an interesting experience for university students who are interested in the future of education.

It will also be a good opportunity to think about “education” in a new way, which everyone has experienced as a learner and will one day have to face seriously as a parent.

Positions available

1) Educational content writer (Japanese)

English content writer, chinese content write, bilingual content check (Japanese to English, Japanese to Chinese)

2) Web programmer (mainly wordpress, but also able to use CSS.

Media management staff
*For high school and university students. For adults, please see here.

Employment type: part-time, intern

Worker’s compensation: in accordance with the internship regulations of Keidanren
Work location: (1) and (2) online (overseas residents are also welcome); (1) online or at a shared office (Hammock Cafe) near the interview site and Mitaka Station on the JR Chuo Line (Please prepare your own PC and writing materials. (Please prepare your own PC and writing materials, and we will lend you the camera you need for the interview). Transportation
Transportation will be provided for work and travel. You may also be required to visit schools for interviews.

Working hours: (1): generally 9:00-18:00 (weekend work may be required when traveling for interviews or holding educational events); (2): not specified.

Salary: (1) writing articles will be paid per article, other work will be paid from 1,200 yen (depending on knowledge and experience)
*Average unit price per article: 1,200-5,000 yen / 1 article (the unit price per character is about 1 yen, but it will change separately if research is required, etc.)
*Number of words per article: Generally 1,200 words or more

(We would like to request 5 to 10 articles per month. Also, please refrain from copying and pasting from multiple media)

(2) Web programmers will also be calculated based on work hours.

*Please refer to the image of the article here.


The kind of people we are looking for

International education, online education, English education, and the latest educational trends are the areas of articles for eduJUMP! If you are interested in such fields, you will enjoy it (if you are not interested, you may not continue). If you are not interested, you may not be able to continue.

  • Skills required for the job include: word/excel, google document / spreadsheet is not a problem, plus (1) writing skills, and (2) skills related to website management, depending on the job description.
    Students who are enrolled in the education department, foreign students, and bilingual students are a good fit for the job, as they have prerequisite knowledge and experience similar to the work.
    Those who are thinking of working in schools, educational institutions, or education-related companies in the future, or those who want to work in media companies.

Application Flow

1) Send info@edujump.netにYour CV in PDF format.

If you have experience in interviewing and writing articles, please attach the articles or links to them.
Name, age, school name, reason for applying, contact information (phone, email, address)

2) If you are a writer, we will ask you to write a sample article (about 1 hour).

3) Interview by zoom or in person.

4) Orientation (wages, employment status, personal information protection, confidentiality agreement, etc.)

Recruitment contact: eduJUMP! editorial department at The Center For Innovation

Company Profile: The Center For Innovation is a non-profit organization (NPO).
URL : https://centerforinnovation.jp/ja/
Location: 7-5-1, Hikarigaoka, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 179-0072, Japan


Q.What kind of articles do you write?
A. Examples of articles and contents are as follows
Industry articles
Educational trends and trends in Japan
International education trends (International Baccalaureate, Cambridge International, etc.)
Global educational trends (education in various countries and children’s learning)
English education (English education for infants, elementary school students to high school students, study abroad)
Digital education (online education, GIGA school, trends)
Early childhood education

Articles Covered
International school coverage
Online school coverage
Coverage of new and innovative schools

eduJUMP! 編集部
eduJUMP! 編集部