We established eduJUMP!

We established eduJUMP! as an education media platform with the aim of helping students excel in their studies anywhere in the world to live with one another and achieve their dreams. Through our website and events, we will provide useful information in hopes of opening up children’s’ future opportunities for parents, children themselves, and educators. 

We hope we can motivate students to “JUMP!” towards their future success, in the best way possible. 

As our society progresses from the Industrial Revolution to the Information Revolution, the abilities and the adaptabilities required for children are changing. Along with this change, new educational models are being created at a rapid pace. 

Even in Japan, as the demand for online education accelerates due to the pandemic, more and more world-renowned learning platforms are increasing. These include early childhood education programs in English and the Cambridge International and the International Baccalaureate Curriculum in international schools. 

Schools and universities are also shifting their selection methods from traditional ones based on test scores to those based on the students’ own interests and abilities, in order to allow them to excel and learn in their own way. This is apparent especially through AO and special entrance exams.

By the time “digital natives” who grew up utilizing tablets and surfing the internet go out into the world, AI will continue to advance, and the creativity, problem-solving, communication abilities, and cultural importance that humans possess will be emphasized in the future. 

Traditionally, knowledge has been measured by the amount of input we memorize. However this information we once had to memorize is now a click away on the internet, meaning that searching and finding necessary information does not equate to one’s “abilities”.

eduJUMP! Will introduce a “new education”, which consists of a combination of conventional education and futuristic learning. 

Parents can teach their children to be able to adapt to the world around them and the communication and logical reasoning skills that AI cannot imitate. 

In order to do so, we introduce our “new education” with an eye on the future. 

We recognize how much our society has changed due to the pandemic, and our editorial department is committed to connect “new education” options to parents in order to aid them during this crisis. 

In order for children to play an active role in our society, they must be themselves. The editorial department at eduJUMP! Will Editorial department will provide skills to these children that will allow them to adapt to our quickly changing society and give them the education and platform to improve their abilities. 

We are excited for the future of eduJUMP!, a dedicated educational media platform for the future of education. 

As the older generation – parents, we are also desperate to create digital skills and new solutions to guide us through this information revolution.

eduJUMP! 編集部
eduJUMP! 編集部