Support the research activities of middle and high school students all over the world!

The MANAI Grant program was launched to provide research funding to junior and senior high school students who are conducting excellent research but are in need of human resources, equipment, and funding. We asked junior and senior high school student researchers from Japan and abroad to give presentations on their research, which were then reviewed by academic supporters in the field of each research theme, and only those with high evaluations were awarded grants. (Past two grants have been awarded)

The grant recipients’ research was diverse. The first grant was to a junior high school student on the evolution of crab gills, which won the Hiroshima Prefecture Science Prize. The second grant was to a Tokyo high school student for an analysis of the social behavior of bees, which also won the J Tokyo Prize for Excellence.

The university professor praised the students’ efforts, saying that they were able to take the time necessary to tackle a new field that had not been studied before, and that they had done a good job of repeating the basics of research through hypothesis testing and verification.

We are looking for ways to continue to support researchers in various ways, but for the time being we plan to focus on support activities in Japan, as scholarships for overseas research students are difficult to obtain.

Manai Foundation Achievements and Future Prospects

We have launched the “MIRAI Project” as a new project of the MANAI Foundation for 2022. As the first such event, the “MIRAI Science Camp” will be held in March in partnership with Osaka University.

This is an overnight program for junior and senior high school students from all over Japan, where they can learn about research being conducted in actual laboratories, talk with researchers who are active there, and be stimulated by the students who gather from all over the country. We believe that we were able to create an opportunity for students who were forced to study online due to the impact of COVID-19 to think about their visions for the future and their career paths through this valuable experience.

On the other hand, we also hold “MIRAI Career Talk” where a slightly older generation (undergraduates and graduate students) talk about their career choices, life at university, and current research topics. We hold online events on an irregular basis where students can listen to the stories of older students who have gone on to university and ask questions directly to them.

Our goal is to nurture many young people who will pioneer the future by moving from online to real places, where they can think and act on their own based on a variety of information, and then decide on a theme to work on by themselves and conduct in-depth research activities.

The Manai Foundation

Address:2F Ichigaya Science and Technology Innovation Center Building, 3-8 Ichigayatamachi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Laurus International School of Science

Photo by: Laurus International School of Science 7F-11F, 4-1-30 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0014, Japan

Laurus International School of Science Secondary is currently holding an information session on the opening of our middle school for parents of children who will be 11 years old or older in September 2022!

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