Japan’s first! White Paper on International Education 2021 to be released in autumn


Japan’s first! White Paper on International Education 2021 to be released in autumn

Japan’s first! Japan’s First White Paper on International Education, 2021 Edition, to be Released in Autumn

The eduJUMP! editorial team believes that there is a need for comprehensive information on international education.

Therefore, we have asked experts on the front lines of international education to write a white paper on international education for 2021. The manuscript is now available on the web.

“The manuscript tagged “White Paper on International Education” is an advance release of the “White Paper on International Education 2021.

In the future, the White Paper will publish statistical data on preschools, international schools, English-language preschools, and English-language schoolchildren’s daycare nationwide from a list of schools in 47 prefectures.

The table of contents of the White Paper on International Education for 2021 is here.

Please note that the table of contents is subject to change. Please note that the table of contents may change.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 International Education

1.1 What is International Education?

1.2 International Baccalaureate

1.3. Distinctive Education in the World

Chapter 2 Education in the World with Rapid ICT Adoption

2.1: The situation in 2020 and 2021 in the wake of the new Corona disaster

2.2. blended learning

2.3. trends in ICT adoption in educational institutions around the world

2.4. Design, system, and human resources for education online

Chapter 3: Current Status of International Education Ichijo School

3.1 Current status of international education in Japan

3.2 From English immersion education to inquiry-based

3.3 From English Education to Inquiry in English

3.4 Impact of the International Baccalaureate

3.5 SDGs education

3.6 International Education in Japan

3.7 International Education Courses and Double Degrees

3.8 Case Study: Options for International Education

3.9 Collaboration between a single-grade school and an international school

3.10 Becoming a school that attracts students from abroad

3.11 New Learning Traveling School

3.12 Study abroad

3.13 Internationalization of Universities in Japan

Chapter 4 International Schools

4.1. What is an international school?

4.2. Definition of International School Components and Decomposition of International Schools

4.4 Market Size of International Schools

4.5 Recent Trends

4.6 Challenges of International Schools

4.7 Importance of International Schools

4.8 Expansion of Preschools

Chapter 5 Future Prospects

5.1 International Educational Needs and Changes

5.2 Strategic Importance of International Educational Infrastructure for Global Competitiveness

5.3 Regional Revitalization and International Education

Reference Materials

List of International Schools in Japan
List of Preschools in Japan
List of Foreign Schools
List of Schools Scheduled to Open
List of authors