What is the new edition of eduJUMP!

What is the new edition of eduJUMP!

eduJUMP! was founded as a media to make the future of education JUMP!
Its predecessor was ieNEXT, which was launched in October 2020.
ieNEXT was launched as a media focusing on International Education.

However, the world is about to see the emergence of diverse learning such as the University of Minerva, green schools, and online international schools.

The Corona disaster showed us that the search for the “education of the future” is not limited to “international education,” but is being conducted on a global scale.

That is why we, the editors of ieNEXT, launched eduJUMP! with the aim of becoming not only a media for international education, but also a platform for educational institutions and learning that are taking on the challenge of “future education.

Let’s take a look at what kind of media eduJUMP! is.

What is eduJUMP!

1.It is run by a non-profit corporation.

eduJUMP! is run by The Center For Innovation, a non-profit corporation.

The official website is here.


2. Mission

What exactly does “JUMP the future of education” mean?

We, the eduJUMP! editorial team, will raise the issue of future education to the society, and support education for the future together, such as creating a list of schools together, instead of sending out one-way information.

3. Activities

We will inform society about the future of education through news, columns, and videos.At the same time, we will hold educational events and workshops sequentially.

4. Advisory and support for educational institutions

eduJUMP! is managed by a network of partners with practical management experience in the fields of international schools, digital education, early childhood education, overseas educational research, and school management.

eduJUMP! can not only introduce new educational initiatives through the media, but also provide support in a way that is closer to schools and educational institutions.

We have been consulted by various schools and educational institutions for advice and support on the introduction of new curriculums and school management in a natural way.

Depending on the area of consultation, we can provide practical and strategic support that is not theoretical. Please feel free to contact us.

We are looking for partners to work with us on educational media that will make the future of education JUMP!

For more information, please contact us here.

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Would you like to work in educational media?

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